Garvey debuts for England Saxons

Matt Garvey is a 24-year-old London Irish player. He covers the second-row forward position and the cap for Saturday’s England Saxons rugby team has surprised him. He mentions that he wasn’t even drafted for his own county to find himself now debuting for England’s second national rugby team.

The Saxons clash with Ireland Wolfhounds, the second Irish national team, at Exter this Saturday. Garvey’s excellent appearances for London Irish recommended him for the Saxons team.

Garvey’s rugby story is not ordinary. He started practicing this sport very late at the age of 17. Until then he was attracted by football. Garvey has since progressed rapidly and he is now seen a as a potential club captain.

Matt was London Irish’s top tackler last season and one other strong point is his ball-carrying possibilities. Matt admits that he will be supported by his entire family on Saturday. He also encourages Brits to support Andy Murray for his first Grand Slam title. Andy will play on Sunday the2012 Australian Open Final if he’ll manage to defeat Novak Djokovic today.