London Irish Win Over Jerseys

The London Irish team is at a high after the win, they obtained against Jersey Reds.

The score of the game was 42 against 29 which showed the wide gap in performance between the two teams. This win made up a total of ten wins for London Irish. As a result, the team had bounced back and is on the Premiership listings.

The game that took place last weekend was an interesting one as Guy Armitage from the London Irish team played for Jersey Reds.
The game took place at the Madejski stadium. As a debutante Guy Armitage made an opening attempt in the game which was interesting as he had to face his home club members, being only on a loan to Jersey Reds for the time being. The Irish team, however, was on a roll that day.

Richard Palframan and David Paice started to score straight from the mauls. The Reds went into a meeting with their opposition without enough of back players on their side. Armitage did run for the opening, but was unable to score enough to make a difference. Fowlie and Ransom played well for the Irish team, but the Reds were able to be successful as well in the first half of the game. Jersey Reds made a bonus point before they surrendered.

With all such actions, the game was definitely worth watching for the fans. The stadium was full and there was much excitement in the air. With a large score difference, it was evident who would win in the second half of the game. London Irish is looking to end the season of 2016 on a high as they are back in the Premiership listings. It remains to be seen how they play the endgames of the season as well.