Venter Gives Up Full Time Job At London Irish

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The appointment of Les Kiss as a defense coach to the London Irish team comes at a time when the coach, team and management of the club are undergoing a reshuffle. As the new season comes up and the club struggles to maintain its position in the Premiership league, the right kind of coaches and management are vital to bring about a turnaround for the team.

While Les Kiss takes on his appointment at the club, Brendan Venter, who was with the club as technical assistant, is concluding his stint. His former assignments include being assistant coach to Springbok. Venter, aged 48, had come on board to help out the London Irish team in the past month. He has played before as a centre for Springbok as well and now his coach services are also valued across the clubs. While London Irish wanted him to continue with a full time assignment for the club, he has opted out of the same. He also has a medical practice in Strand located near Cape Town. He confirmed officially on Twitter that he would not consider the position of technical director of London Irish which had been offered to him.

He stated that the one month he spent working with the club and its players had been wonderful, but he would not be able to commit himself as a technical director to the team which is a full time job. He bade the club good luck especially for the young coaches who are working hard for the team and hope that their efforts will show through. Declan Kidney would now be assuming the position of technical director while Less Kiss comes on as head coach of the team. Venter has taken on consultant appointments before as well, such as offering his consultancy services to the Italian team as well as working as a consultant with Springbok.

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