London Irish To Share Stadium

London Irish is getting ready for their return to the Premiership in a big way.

They will be playing against Doncaster on Saturday. However, during the 2019-20 season, they will be sharing ground with Brentford. The said stadium has a capacity of 20,000. The club confirmed that they had a meeting with the other team to discuss this. Griffin Park stadium will be replaced with this move. The club already has a deal that permits them to use Reading stadium, Madejski for a long period of time. But the club has been looking for a stadium in south-west London and they are finally happy to have the stadium.
Why did they opt for a new stadium? Well, the stadium has issued an official statement on this topic already. In the statement they issued, they mentioned that they have been aiming for a 20,000 capacity stadium. Also, they were aiming for a multi-purpose stadium where they could play both football and rugby.

The stadium management says that they have been in talks with several clubs over the years to share the stadium with other clubs. And they reveal that London Irish was one of those clubs they held a discussion with.

The team plays in white and green. In 2002, London Irish won their first major trophy. They won the Powergen Cup that year. They were the finalists in the English Premiership in 2009. But they had narrowly lost to Leicester Tigers that year. They reached semi-finals in a couple of major tournaments as well. The club is originally based in Sunbury. They have an academy there as well. They have their administrative offices over there as well. They have been in the top division since 1996 till today. They take part in many competitions all over Europe. They are all set to play in the British & Irish Cup starting from this year.