Wales Rugby Team Being Supported By Josh Lewsey At The 2015 Rugby World Cup

Wales Rugby Team has found a supporter in Josh Lewsey. Lewsey is the Welsh Rugby Union’s head of rugby, who took up this post in August, 2013. According to Lewsey, Wales Rugby Team should be thrilled for the upcoming World Cup as they have to face some tough challenges.
Josh Lewsey is of the opinion that the Wales Rugby Team’s head coach- Warren Gatland has the ability to help the team perform well at the 2015 World Cup and the team may very well follow the footsteps of the England team which had won the Rugby World Cup 2003 under the headship of Sir Clive Woodward.
Lewsey himself had been a part of Woodward’s team that had won the World Cup in 2003 and he was also part of the England team which reached the finals of 2007 Rugby World Cup.
England team had been able to win in the year 2003 due to peaking and meticulous planning. Lewsey thinks the way in which Gatland is working with the Wales Rugby Team really provides the team with an opportunity to do exceptionally well at the 2015 World Cup.
Before the World Cup, Wales Rugby Team has to play against teams such as South Africa, New Zealand and Australia at the Autumn Internationals being held in November, 2014.
Josh Lewsey believes that last World Cup season Wales’s performance was poor due to the Lions tour. But this time, they have got the necessary break and have understood the importance of performing well at the upcoming World Cup.
He even thinks that the knockout stages at the World Cup are extremely essential and therefore the team has to have proper physical and mental strength in order to reach these difficult knockout stages.
Only time will tell whether the confidence bestowed upon Gatland and Wales Rugby Team by Lewsey holds water or not.